The marketing team at United Way New Mexico asks for a refreshed look and feel to communicate their news on their website. And they have no time to lose.

  • First release: January, 2016
  • Roles: Interface
  • Work under: Robert Half – The Creative Group

When I jumped into The Creative Group, my first assignment was to work with Upleaf in the redesign of the homepage for United Way New Mexico. I was in charge of diagramming the architecture for the first phase of deliverables. After that, we’d move into wireframes to finalize the UI design.

An update

This project was pretty much the design of a one-page site. The client was concerned that the New Mexico branch was falling behind in time compared to the rest of the other United Way websites. The company had recently updated their style guides, and everybody was adopting the full-width hero image approach. So, to keep it consistent, my first steps were:

  1. Get the United Way style guides
  2. Research the most relevant branches and the branding they were applying
  3. Read about one-page conversion rates and the best layouts to achieve that

After having that, we had a meeting with the stakeholders to understand better their product. And what was the goal behind the decision of a redesign?

Dealing with constraints

I worked with a lot of creative freedom in this project. The only downside was the time. I had 8 hours to run through this whole process.

The challenge was how to maximize the time without having to design components that would take hours to customize. For good or bad, the new design trends of one-page websites are very similar. So I didn’t need to work on a particular grid, I just used the 12-column approach, and horizontal blocks of information to indicate the different sections.

Many of the information expressed was very technical or expressed concepts ("Give," "Advocate," "Volunteer"). The hardest part of dealing with this is that every single person has a different perception of what these concepts mean. And this equals too many hours discussing what’s the best pictogram, illustration or icon that can suit the best.

Due to time constraints, it came very handily to me to have a library of images already built. I have to say there was no customization in these icons. It was more about finding the right one and suggesting it.

A team of many

I had to rely on other people’s research to get insights about the user experience. My most significant sources for this project were marketing/testing websites such as Unbounce and Leadpages blogs. They have a tremendous research team, plus this wasn’t the right time to try to reinvent the wheel.

The project finalized for me right after delivering the designs.